Haynesville production to set double

Natural gas growth dominating industry exports.

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Innovation and technology achieve longer laterals

New advancements in drilling technologies and best practices achieve greater gains.

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New completions optimization case studies and the latest results

Detailed well-by-well analysis on the latest shale projects across the region.

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Past Attendees

  • Thru Tubing Solutions
  • Universal Pressure Pumping
  • Weatherford
  • WellDog, Unconventional Resources
  • Accenture
  • Arsenal Resources
  • Baker Hughes
  • Calfrac Well Services Ltd.
  • Chemquest Chemicals
  • ChemStation
  • Completion Science, LLC
  • Department of Energy EIA
  • Drillinginfo Inc
  • EOG Resources
  • Ethox Chemicals
  • ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
  • Halliburton
  • HG Energy LLC
  • IHS Markit
  • Impact Fluid Solutions
  • Innovative Chemical Technologies Inc
  • Itasca IMaGE
  • Kemira Chemicals Inc.
  • KLX Energy Services
  • Kuraray America
  • Meyer
  • Microseismic
  • NCS Multistage
  • Oasis petroleum
  • Opal Resources
  • PeroxyChem, LLC
  • RockPile Energy
  • Royal Chemical
  • Schlumberger
  • Shell Exploration and Production Company
  • Shell US
  • Stage Completions
  • Stingray Pressure Pumping
  • Sundance Energy
  • Synalloy Chemicals

Who Should Attend

  • Shale Operations
  • Geology and Geophysics
  • Well Site Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Oilfield Strategic Analysis
  • Well Completions
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Research and Development
  • Well Drilling Services
  • Completions Engineering
  • Strategy, Projects & Public Affairs
  • Well Optimization
  • Microseismic Monitoring
  • Legal and Compliance Work
  • Well and Fracturing Design
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Purchasing and Sourcing
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Equipment Certification Services
  • Well Site Technologies
  • Business Development
  • News Reporting and Journalism

Expert Speakers to Date

  • Andy Mook
    Magnum OIl Tools International
  • Brad Todd
    Completion Science LLC
  • Bruce Randall
    Coiled Tubing Specialties LLC
  • Dale G Larsen
    New Well Tech
  • Ed Siebrits
    Flotek Industries
  • Farrokh Sheibani
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • John Ely
    Ely and Associates
  • Kevin Gentry
    MadMackenzie Solutions
  • Matt Meiners
    Enventure Global Technology
  • Nicholas Rossi
  • Noel McKim
    Meyer Oilfield Services
  • Paola Perez Pena
    IHS Markit
  • Reinaldo Navareete
    Fritz Industries
  • Rocky Seale
    Baker Hughes
  • Ryan Colter
    Thru Tubing Solutions
  • Tony Torquato
    Torquato Drilling Accesories, Inc.
  • Travis Latz
    Mohawk Energy
  • Vadim Akhmadikin
    GR Energy Services LLC
  • Yong Kim
    UGSI Chemical Feed Inc

Why Attend

The Haynesville Natural Gas Drilling & Completions 2021 is the only event of its kind to deliver leading market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest in shale gas drilling and completions projects across the region...

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The Premier Forum for Shale Gas Drilling and Completions Optimization across the Haynesville Formation

Welcome to the Haynesville Natural Gas Drilling & Completions 2021 Exhibition and Conference where leading Exploration & Production companies will meet with horizontal drilling and completions experts in Houston, Texas to explore the next generation of drilling and completions technologies, techniques, and engineering know-how for natural gas development exclusively for the region.

The Haynesville covers an area of 9,000 sqm with original gas in-place estimates of 700 trillion cubic feet. The formation is characterized with bottomhole temperature averaging 300°F along the well head treating pressure that exceeds 10,000 psi – requiring twice the amount of hydraulic horsepower, higher treating pressure and more advanced fluid chemistry than nearby shale formations.

New advancements in shale drilling and completions optimization techniques have made it possible to access more natural gas as operators target longer laterals. A typical horizontal well in the Haynesville will cost in the region of $8 million to drill and complete depending on the lateral length, cost of rigs, and pressure pumping activities. Today’s drilling and completions experts offer new hope for operators looking to achieve greater gains in drilling efficiencies and to reach natural gas reservoirs in the most cost-effective and fastest way.

The Haynesville Natural Gas Drilling & Completions 2021 event is the region’s leading exhibition and conference exclusively for shale operators and a large array of technology experts, to develop and build on drilling and completions techniques and to deliver the latest strategies and lessons-learned to drive efficiencies and keep costs low across all areas in the region.

The key focus for this year’s conference will be “Cost-Reduction Strategies” for the Haynesville formation, and the objective will be to bring shale operators and service companies together with leading drilling and completions experts to collaborate and examine end-user case studies, innovative technologies and completions know-how, and to address the current challenges in shale drilling and completions optimization for natural gas development in the region.

Key topics on this year’s agenda include:

  • Making economic assessments for new shale gas drilling projects
  • Evaluating strategies across completions stages for completions optimization
  • Reducing costs, achieving drilling efficiencies, and high-end disruptive technologies
  • Emerging opportunities and technical know-how in efficiently drilling longer laterals
  • Latest strategies and data analytics for the advancement of well completions techniques
  • End-user operator case studies and how to develop a successful program

This exhibition and conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders from major E&Ps and service providers, to leading drilling and completions experts, to network and build cross-market relationships and to discuss the latest developments from across the region.

Call for Presentation

If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com subject heading “Call for Presentation – HDC TX 2021”.

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To secure your place at Haynesville Natural Gas Drilling & Completions 2021 or if you require more information, please contact delegates@iQ-Hub.com.


Key topics for 2021:

  • Making economic assessments for new shale gas drilling projects
    Understand the economic fundamentals and key business indicators for drilling and completions projects in the Haynesville.
  • Evaluating strategies across completions stages for completions optimization
    Explore the latest advances in completions optimization and the tools available to improve on efficiencies and operations.
  • Reducing costs, achieving drilling efficiencies, and high-end disruptive technologies
    Assess how new drilling techniques are cost-effective and minimize operational and financial risks by adopting the right techniques for the area.
  • Emerging opportunities and technical know-how in efficiently drilling longer laterals
    Avoid the pitfalls and learn from experts about new developments in drilling specifically for operators in the region.
  • Latest strategies and data analytics for the advancement of well completions techniques
    Be the first to hear about best completions practices for efficient and reliable operations while ensuring optimization.
  • End-user operator case studies and developing a successful program
    Gain insights from leading drilling and completions experts and implement strategies that others in the industry are using to ensure optimized projects.


  • Great event & very informative on the things needed for this market. Aaron Funderburke (Typhon Global Energy Services)
  • Excellent conference. Very useful information. Well organized event and agenda was very appropriate. Craig Marshall (Gran Tierra Energy)
  • The event is very important for the industry to know the new trends and a very good opportunity to meet new people in the industry. Hernan Sueta (Pan American Energy)
  • A very balanced conference. Balanced audience with operators, service companies and vendors.Knut Mjaland (Fenner Mandals)
  • It's fascinating to me to realize from these presentations, that after 60 years of hydraulic fracturing, the industry still has so much to learn about Optimization.Robert Estes (Baker Hughes)
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